Snoring Keeping You Up? These Tips Can Help!

Many people are prone to snoring, though not everyone realizes it. Typically, people who snore learn about their snoring from friends and family rather than on their own. Snoring is not only embarrassing but also a potential indicator of internal issues. This article will provide helpful tips on dealing with snoring.

Throat Muscles

Though it may sound strange, singing may actually cure snoring. Singing uses your throat muscles, and it strengthens them over time. Once your throat muscles are strong, the chances that you will snore will be less. Musical wind instruments, such as the trumpet or clarinet, can also make your throat muscles stronger.

Visit your obstetrician, if you snore while pregnant. Many women may experience snoring during some point in their pregnancy. Snoring does not necessarily constitute a problem, but it is better to to ensure that your snoring is not causing oxygen deprivation to your baby. See a doctor right away to make sure you do not have a life-threatening condition.

You can cut back on the amount of snoring you do by giving up smoking. If you find it difficult to give up smoking, you can enjoy some benefits by avoiding tobacco for the few hours before bed. Smoking causes your throat to swell, narrowing your air passageways. Narrower air passages mean more snoring, so if you can stop smoking, your throat won’t get inflamed as often.

Try doing a throat exercise that involves sliding the tongue against the back of the top front teeth to reduce snoring. Slide your tongue backwards, then slide it forward against your teeth. Do this repeatedly for three minutes. When you exercise the muscles this way, your passageways will remain open, and the chances of snoring will be reduced.

Soft Palate

Surprisingly, one cure for snoring is to sing aloud. There is a physician who advocates singing as a method of limiting snoring, because the act of singing works to strengthen the muscles of the soft palate and the throat. Stronger muscles in the throat and soft palate help keep your air passages open at night. This allows you to avoid snoring and get a better night’s sleep.

A great way to decrease snoring is to drop some pounds. Having excess fat around the neck will put an increase of pressure on the airways. This causes the airways to collapse slightly while you sleep. Just a couple pounds can make a big difference in your breathing and cut way back on snoring.

If snoring is a problem for you, rule out your medications as a possible cause. It is common for various drugs to dry out the membranes in nasal passages, which can in turn restrict the flow of air. Other medicines, such as sedatives and muscle relaxants, can cause such slackening of the muscles in your throat, that adequate breathing becomes difficult and snoring is more likely.

Eating smaller evening meals can reduce snoring. When you consume a big meal, your stomach gets filled up. This will cause your diaphragm to be pressed up towards the throat, and the subsequent pressure could cause blocking, or decrease the space near your throat. Reduced air flow and a narrow throat are two of the main factors in snoring.

Warm Milk

Eating dairy products can cause snoring. This is true even for those who are not known to be lactose intolerant. Dairy products lead to an increased production of phlegm, which will obstruct your airways in your nose and throat. If you customarily drink warm milk before bedtime, try drinking warm tea instead. Warm to help aid in sounder sleep without the problems associated with warm milk and snoring.

Sleep in a different position, if you’re having an issue with snoring. Snoring is quite common among the back sleepers. The throat muscles relax too much and fall together, impeding the airway. Laying on one side instead will stop that from happening, and you will experience a more restful, quieter sleep.

You may be able to eliminate your snoring with the help of a basic tennis ball. To use this method pin a tennis ball onto the back of the pajamas you will be wearing that night. When you sleep, you probably will turn over and feel the ball up against your back. Side sleepers tend not to snore as the airway is unobstructed in that position.

Exercise Routine

An exercise routine for your tongue can help solve your snoring. It sounds funny, but a way to exercise your tongue is by moving it in and out of your mouth. While the tongue is extended outwards, hold it taut and the point it towards the east, and then towards the west. Make sure to hit all four points of the compass in the exercise routine. This will tone up your tongue muscles, which will reduce the likelihood of you snoring.

The fact is that lots of people snore, but are unaware of it until someone else mentions the problem. While it’s a great embarrassment to be told you snore, you should be glad that your loved one wants to help you. The advice in this article can help you find a way to stop snoring.

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